Snapshot opinion polls are too often not trustworthy metrics for determining where public support stands for a particular politician, candidate or issue at a fixed point in time, as we have learned over the course of many election cycles. Being skewed disproportionately toward Democrats is the flaw that has repeatedly shown up in political polls.

The disparity in reflecting how “independents” view Biden’s administration in three newly-released surveys is telling.

Perhaps all of them are tilted too far toward Biden, but that NBC/Wall Street Journal result seems to be from another planet.

If the administration is taking a beating in the polls over Biden’s handling of the border, what does that reveal about where public sentiment actually stands on the issue?

Some of the revealed numbers call the poll results into serious question, like the fact that anyone — much less seven percent of America — would consider Joe Biden’s policies to be too conservative.

Political trouble for them undoubtedly abounds when polls that are far too often skewed toward the left begin to show bad news for Democrats.