In a few words, David Limbaugh is able to turn the kind of leftist thinking exhibited in the clip he retweeted on its head. When someone on the Left starts advocating for reducing the “capability of conservative influencers” to reach audiences, it’s important to remember that most on the right, such as Limbaugh, do not seek the same outcome for those ideologically far apart from them.

Despite the rhetoric in the clip he retweeted, which is clearly attacking the First Amendment, Limbaugh refuses to advocate for silencing those on the Left.

The sad part is that a defense of commentators and pundits (on either side) being able to make ideologically-based arguments without fear of being censored even needs to be stated.

Has it not been proven time and again (for nearly 250 years) that the constitutionally-prescribed philosophy of more speech, not less, is much better at producing reasonable rhetoric than censorship and repression?