If (and we still must very much underscore the word “if”) Joe Biden goes on to become the next president, many will focus on whether Republicans in Congress will work with him. But, one storyline to watch will be what kind of reception he gets from the left edge of his own party.

A recent tweet by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) reveals the sentiment of someone in the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party.

Just over half a day earlier, Biden posted the following tweet about “a nation united.”

Additionally, Kamala Harris made the point that she and Biden are the champions of “unity.”

The United States is not ideologically monolithic and isn’t going to be regardless of who sits in the White House. But since Biden and Harris have made “unity” one of their stated objectives, perhaps they should concern themselves with their own party.

How far left would Biden allow his administration to be pushed by legislators such as Warren and Sanders?

It is a bit much for Biden to attempt to portray himself as the uniter-in-chief when he’s not the anything-in-chief yet.