While there are some measures that government entities can take to help slow the spread of a pandemic, there is a limit to what they can do. At some point, personal responsibility becomes the order of the day.

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum says it’s “not a job for government”:

To weather it, he said at a news conference last week, people would need to keep their distance, wear masks and avoid gatherings. But the one thing North Dakota did not need were legal limits on reckless behavior.

Whether the Left likes it or not, personal responsibility is ultimately where society begins and ends. There is (thankfully) no government that can do everything.

“We the people” can’t really work unless there is some level of trust.

Instead, they preach the mantra of “personal responsibility,” insisting that government interventions such as mask mandates or business restrictions are either unnecessary or harmful, and that people should be trusted to make their own decisions about how to keep themselves — and each other — healthy.

Democrats have long championed the idea of collectivism when approaching issues. What’s more collective than having people take responsibility for themselves and others? It stands in sharp contrast to a few bureaucrats attempting to solve problems through more rules and regulations.