It’s September 2020, and the Left is desperately clinging to an excerpt from a Bob Woodward book.

Former Obama adviser David Axelrod has joined the chorus of those attempting to slam Trump for something he said earlier this year that has amazingly been kept under wraps (for months) until this past week.

The problem for Axelrod is that his Twitter timeline would fail to meet his own standard.

Axelrod’s double-standard aside, Trump has explained that his intention early on was to promote a calm response to the threat.

It’s doubtful that even the most ardent Trump supporters believe that his administration’s response to the coronavirus was flawless. There will always be plenty to second-guess when it comes to presidential administrations responding to various crises.

Perhaps someday David Axelrod can share a thread about the Obama administration’s response to H1N1.



Donald Trump calls out Bob Woodward for keeping ‘bad or dangerous’ COVID19 comments under wraps until now