Regarding a federal mask mandate, mixed messages are being sent by the Joe Biden campaign.

Biden has indicated that he will call for a nationwide mask-wearing mandate as president.

Meanwhile, during an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, Democrat vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris twice refused to affirm that a Biden/Harris administration would mandate wearing masks.

Bash: There’s a difference between a standard and a mandate. Would it be a federal mandate under the Biden/Harris administration?

Harris: It would be a standard.

Safe to say there is a lack of clear messaging from the Biden campaign on this issue.

Perhaps they are poll-testing both sides of the issue. Perhaps the campaign has failed to outline clear policy messaging. Perhaps the two of them are in disagreement on whether or not masks should be worn.

Regardless, to be this incoherent on an issue at this stage in the election has to be worrisome for Democrats.



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