We don’t remember the exact moment when self-awareness was completely abandoned by the mainstream media, but it has long since been canceled.

The latest example is CNN’s Brian Stelter’s insistence that right-wing commentary is problematic and that those on the right are more “vitriolic” and “extreme” than those on the Left.

So you don’t have to waste four minutes by watching the clip:

Stelter seems surprised that talk radio still exists. He says his brave producing team waded into the waters of conservative commentary, where actual *gasp* criticism of Joe Biden might be found.

He calls criticism of Joe Biden “offensive and other-worldly.”

There was this gem from Stelter: “I want to be clear … there’s a lot of negative partisanship that happens, on the left as well — disdain and nastiness directed at the right. This is happening in all directions, but it is especially extreme, especially vitriolic on the right.”

And, of course, he bashed Fox News.

Stelter works for CNN. C-N-N!

Do we even have time to count the ways in this past week that his own network has exhibited “partisanship”?

For Stelter, a talk-show host, to complain that commentary he doesn’t like is politically problematic (especially considering that he works for CNN) is beyond parody.



CNN’s Brian Stelter says chatter over whether Joe Biden should debate is ‘mostly a right-wing media tempest,’ ignoring CNN’s contribution