What is up with the Washington Post?

On Saturday, we told you about the Post going after homeschooling, proclaiming that the necessity of educating from home during COVID-19 will “set back a generation of children.”

Well, they weren’t done for the weekend.

Next up on the docket was to tell us about the economy that was humming along before the coronavirus hit. You see, it was just a mirage that has now been exposed.

And for good measure, they threw in a profile on Chuck Schumer’s leadership during this time of crisis.

But no agenda from the Post or anything.

It’s a shame that Trump and his administration could not have foreseen a global pandemic with unprecedented ramifications.

One would think the Washington Post could spare the troll-takes at a time like this.

Or maybe they could just spare them period.



Washington Post fact-checker’s tweet makes it sound like President Trump said to ‘ignore that pile of bodies’ and keep spending

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