If former vice president and current presidential candidate Joe Biden were to be called to testify during a Senate impeachment trial, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, also a presidential candidate and rival of Biden’s, says he should follow the order.

“Joe Biden has said that he has always abided by every lawful order, and if there’s a lawful order on subpoena, then I assume he would follow it.”

“Yes, he should. And I assume that he will follow it. He has said that he always follows lawful orders, and if there is a lawfully issued order for a subpoena, then he should follow it.”

In other words, she ain’t lettin’ Joe off the hook.

Wonder if other Democrat senators who don’t happen to be presidential candidates will agree with Warren’s sentiment about Biden?

Meanwhile, Biden has said that he will not comply with any such subpoena.

Obstruction of Congress, right?



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