House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-California) says impeachment “may be the only remedy” for whistle-blower allegations published by the New York Times that President Trump “pressed” the president of Ukraine to investigate the business dealings of Joe Biden’s son in that nation.

“We very well may have crossed the Rubicon here,” Schiff told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Schiff also claimed that he has been “very reluctant” to go down the impeachment road, despite the fact that he appeared on television shows for months on end pushing the now-debunked Russia collusion narrative.

At one point, Schiff indicated there was “very graphic evidence” of Russian collusion.

In May, he said he wanted to use impeachment as a “tool” to get information from the administration.

So, we have Schiff, a leading House Democrat, once again throwing the impeachment word around on national television based on whistle-blower allegations that have yet to be substantiated.

If Schiff’s behavior regarding impeachment to this point has been “reluctant,” one wonders what aggression from him looks like.



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