In anticipation of Hurricane Dorian making landfall along the east coast of the U.S., President Donald Trump warns that five states are likely to be hit by the storm harder than anticipated — Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama.


The National Weather Service in Alabama has assured those living in that state that they will not see any effects from the hurricane, contrary to what the president tweeted.

The latest Dorian track from the National Hurricane Center has the storm moving up the coast of Florida into Georgia and the Carolinas.

Speaking at FEMA headquarters, the president says the storm’s effects are expected to be felt hundreds of miles from its eye and will impact much of the eastern seaboard.

He is asking all in the path to heed warnings and evacuation orders.

Winds from the eyewall of Dorian have been clocked by the NHS to be in excess of 180 miles-per-hour.