Larry Kudlow, the director of the National Economic Council for President Donald Trump’s White House, told NBC’s Chuck Todd on Sunday that despite fears from some economists, he does not see a recession on the horizon for the U.S. economy.

To back up his point, Kudlow pointed to retail sales consumer numbers toward the end of this past week, which he calls “blockbuster.” He also said that most economists shifted their forecasts for the third and fourth quarters up toward the end of the week.

More from Kudlow:

“Consumers are working at higher wages. They are spending at a rapid pace. They’re also saving while they’re spending; that’s an ideal situation, so I think actually the second half of the economy’s going to be very good in 2019. No I don’t see a recession.”

“Let me add just one theme … we’re doing pretty darn well in my judgment. Let’s not be afraid of optimism.”

Some counter that Kudlow got it wrong ahead of the 2007-08 recession.

Kudlow admits that he got it wrong then but says “this is not then.”

Much has been made about the inversion of the Treasure yield curve (for the first time in 12 years), but historical data shows that it is not always a guarantee that a recession is imminent.

Another White House adviser, Peter Navarro, says we technically did not have an inversion but a “flat curve,” adding that it indicates economic strength.

We shall see…



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