Former U.S. ambassador Michael McFaul put out the following argument, which was intended to be in favor of gun control.

The problem with his logic is that he’s wrong.

A 2013 story from the Wall Street Journal gives details about private tank owners in the United States.

Scattered around the country are members of a small fraternity of guys who own tanks. They are hyper-avid history buffs or hyper-edgy investors or just wealthy men who can now afford hyper-sized versions of the toys they played with when they were boys. Tank brokers—yes, there is such a thing—estimate there are several hundred to 1,000 private tank owners in the U.S.

So actually, Americans can own tanks but are not able to purchase “military assault rifles.”

One notable American tank owner is Houston attorney Tony Buzbee.

McFaul was the United States’ ambassador to Russia during the Obama administration from 2012 to 2014.



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