MSNBC contributor Joyce Vance tweeted the following about Fox News’ coverage of Robert Mueller’s upcoming testimony on Wednesday.

A couple of hours later, Vance clarified that it was her “goofy sense of humor.”

Whether Vance’s original tweet was sarcastic or not, we don’t know.

At best, it was a poor attempt.

At worst, it was an outright lie.

But here’s what we do know when it comes to networks skipping coverage of things:  On July 4th, there was one national network that did not cover the “Salute to America” event in Washington along with the included presidential address and tributes to our nation’s history and military.

Not Fox.

Not CNN.

It was Vance’s network, MSNBC.

So please humor/irony us some more about Fox not showing the Mueller testimony.

Looks like MSNBC is actually the network afraid of its viewers seeing a glimpse of reality.



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