CNN’s Brian Stelter is throwing a fit about news outlets using President Trump’s own words in their headlines about him.

How dare they!

A very odd way to set the story up:

“The front page of the L.A. Times tells one of the weekend’s biggest stories … Now that headline gets it right, keeps it simple; but we have to talk about the problem with headlines.”

But sure, y’all wanna talk about Trump headlines?

Let’s talk about Trump headlines.

And what about this one?

We gonna discuss headlines about kids, too?

Please, let’s all be more like CNN, which has these Trump headlines on its front page as this is being written:

“Trump says he’s not ready for a 2020 loss”

“Opinion: Trump on the brink”

CNN’s Avlon: Here’s the big warning sign for Trump’s reelection

Opinion: Trump is acting out of character. Here’s why

Analysis: Why Trump’s generals are all gone

(good thing they never use his own words)

Trump downplays swing voter outreach: ‘I’m not sure I have to do that’

What a joke.