Political analyst Doug Schoen wrote an editorial for The Hill laying out why Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s rise in the primary polls spells bad news for Democrats.

Here is part of his reasoning:

Simply put, this recent momentum from Warren spells bad news for the Democratic Party. The lawmaker from Massachusetts has centered her run around liberal big government policies that once only appealed to the left most fringes of the party. To be sure, her jump in the polls is indicative of how far left the party has moved and suggests that the party will nominate a radical candidate who is unpalatable to independents and moderates, two groups essential to beating Donald Trump in the general election.

But, you see, Schoen isn’t allowed to have an opinion because he goes on Fox News.

How dare he have a take that is divergent from the party’s groupthink.

Perhaps if they stopped to actually consider his methodology, they might see his point.

But no, Fox News bad, so Doug Schoen’s opinion = unacceptable.