After several states passed pro-life laws this week, Democrats are desperately stabbing around trying to find out why this is happening.

California Sen. and presidential candidate Kamala Harris thinks she’s got it.

This is the ABC News chart she referenced showing the ratio of male to female lawmakers in Alabama.

Which leaves out an important detail.

Guess the governor of Alabama, Kay Ivey, doesn’t count.

But that’s not all.

According to statistics, there are more women in Alabama (51.6 percent) than men.

Breaking it down further, there is an even higher percentage of women than men among those 16 and older (52.4 percent).

So maybe, just maybe, it’s that voters in Alabama and the other states that have passed similar legislation actually want pro-life laws in their states.

Just a thought for Sen. Harris to ponder while she’s tweet-testing various positions for 2020.



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