Remember Sally Yates?

She was deputy attorney general during the Obama administration and was fired by President Trump after the 2016 election because she refused to do her job.

“Meet the Press” had her on Sunday to talk about (what else?) Trump and obstruction of justice.

But the odd thing is that NBC host Andrea Mitchell forgot to ask her about what she knew regarding the Obama Justice Department’s involvement with the Russia collusion narrative and how it got started.

Another huge attaboy to the mainstream media for yet again going for the objective analysis on the issues that matter to average Americans and not being afraid to ask the tough questions.

And note the timing of Yates’ appearance on network television.

Mitchell was probably going to ask Yates about her knowledge of and involvement in the propagation of the Russia collusion story but just ran out of time.

Just like Hillary was going to win the 2016 election but just ran out of states.