The 44th president of the United States is now concerned about his party eating their own through an obsession with progressive “purity.”

During remarks made in Berlin, Germany, Barack Obama warned that leftist are creating a circular firing squad.

He went on to warn progressives that they aren’t going to get everything they want.

His point was validated by the responses to his comments.

The problem for Obama is that he started this trend in his own party through his actions as president.

When he was president, he had no use for Congress or the Constitution when using his pen and his phone to executively actualize whatever Leftist agenda item felt good to him on a given day.

Where were his concerns about “rigidity” then?

Where were his concerns about “rigidity” when he and his Democrat majorities in Congress attempted a government takeover of the entire U.S. healthcare system?

Now the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wing of the Democrat Party is following in Obama’s footsteps with stuff like the Green New Deal.

We have now heard from Obama on the state of his party, but he still hasn’t said a word about his former vice president, Joe Biden.