All nine Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee have called upon the committee’s chairman, Democrat Adam Schiff, to resign, arguing that he no longer has the credibility to hold his current position.

Here is Rep. Mike Conaway of Texas saying there is no longer any faith that Schiff can perform his Constitutional duties.

This comes after President Trump told Sean Hannity Wednesday night that Schiff should resign, saying he is a “bad guy” who knew he was lying when saying repeatedly that he had evidence of collusion.

Trump reiterated that Thursday morning on Twitter.

Of course, Schiff isn’t going down without a fight.

Remember, Schiff is the same guy who insisted that former Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes (R) resign his position because he met once with a source.

As we now know, Schiff met and then some with his own witness, Michael Cohen.

Will Democrat leadership force him out?