Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer is nervous that President Trump might get a “sneak peek” of the Mueller report before it is made public.

This is directly contrary to what renowned Constitutional attorney (and liberal) Alan Dershowitz says would be fair.

In an op-ed for Fox, he says the Mueller report is a one-sided, prosecutorial-style document to which the president should have an opportunity to write a response.

The fairest would be to immediately turn the report over to President Trump’s legal team and give them a week to write a response. Barr could then issue both reports simultaneously so that the American public could judge the comparative merits of both sides of this adversarial process.

Prosecutorial reports – and Special Counsel Mueller is a prosecutor – are, by their very nature, one-sided. Prosecutors only listen to inculpatory evidence rather than including exculpatory evidence. They interview witnesses against the subject, but not witnesses in favor of the subject. That is why the Trump legal defense team needs to provide its assessment of the Mueller investigation.

Dershowitz also implores Americans to hear both sides of the legal story before forming a conclusion:

So hold your breath and stay tuned, America. And please, don’t rush to judgment until you have not only read this report but any response the Trump legal team may offer.

Schumer seems a bit uptight about this whole thing.

C’mon, Sen. Schumer, the American people deserve to hear both sides of the story, right?