The last tweet from House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff is a plea that the Mueller report be made public.

And it was, finding that Trump did not collude with Russia or commit a crime.

Brit Hume wonders if Schiff will ever get the egg off of his face for all that he said and predicted about what the Mueller report would contain.

Remember that time he told us that the investigation made Trump the most corrupt president in history?

Less than 24 hours before the Mueller report said President Trump did not collude with Russia, Schiff was saying there is “significant evidence” to the contrary.

The latest in a long line of collusion fails for Schiff.

Remember that time two months ago he disputed the acting AG’s report that the investigation was close to being over?

Remember that time he spiked the ball because several Russians were indicted (having nothing to do with Trump)?

Perhaps Mr. Schiff should have spent a little less time meeting with Michael Cohen and a little more time looking at what actually happened.