During an appearance on Fox News’ “MediaBuzz” with host Howard Kurtz, the Federalist editor Mollie Hemingway absolutely took former Hillary Clinton adviser Philippe Reines apart over how the media covered Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

While the entire segment is about 20 minutes long and worth the watch, this is the point at which Hemingway lets Reines know that he needs a reality check.

“It’s over, Philippe.”

Reines’ attitude through this entire appearance is indicative of how desperately they were hoping this would bring down Trump and how upset they are that it doesn’t appear as if it will.

Her Sunday commentary follows up something that Hemingway said on the Fox News’ “Special Report” on Friday that there need to be severe consequences for misinformation spread by the media about the Russia investigation.

“If there is nothing there that matches what we’ve heard from the media for many years, there needs to be a reckoning and the people who spread this theory both inside and outside the government who were not critical and who did not behave appropriately need to be held accountable.”

Are we experiencing an election night 2016 redux?