House Democrat freshman Rashida Tlaib could be in some trouble with the Federal Election Commission after filings show she paid herself from her campaign money after she was elected.

The filing shows the Michigan lawmaker taking more than $17,000 in two disbursements as a salary nearly a month after the conclusion of the 2018 midterm elections.

A candidate can only draw a salary from the official campaign for the duration of their candidacy. The FEC specifies that a candidate no longer qualifies for salary payments from the day after the general election. The two salary disbursements were made on Nov. 16 for $2,000 and on Dec. 1 for $15,500.

Wonder if Tlaib will find this as “hurtful” as she did Lynne Patton standing up as a friend to President Trump in the House Oversight Committee’s hearing with Michael Cohen?

This comes as fellow Israel hater, Rep. Ilhan Omar, has continued her bigoted rhetoric after being called out by another Democratic Congresswoman.

Nancy Pelosi has long since lost control of her caucus.