Ratings across the board for this year’s NFL season rose by five percent from the previous year.

As the Hollywood Reporter points out, a two-year downward trend was reversed:

“The NFL stopped a two-year ratings slide and increased its audience across all of its broadcast windows during the regular season, which ended Sunday. Games on CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN and NFL Network averaged about 15.8 million viewers — slightly below that figure including two games played in London, slightly above without them — an improvement of 800,000 viewers, or 5 percent, on the 2017 season.”

There was one clear difference between this NFL season and the previous two — the lack of politically-motivated stunts surrounding the on-field product, such as kneeling for the national anthem.

When the league removes the “wokefootball” political sideshows, their audience returns, interest is back and television ratings increase.

This isn’t hard.


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