Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings (Maryland), who is set to a committee chairman when his party takes over the House in January, says there is no need for President Trump to try to keep asylum seekers in Mexico because U.S. immigration laws have been working well for a long time.

“We have a system that has been working for a long time” is something that you probably thought you’d never hear about U.S. immigration laws.

Yet there it is from a leading Dem.

Democrats like Cummings want to make it as simple as possible for as many as possible to get into the United States, whether they abide by the laws or not.

Admitting that they don’t think there should be a border is one thing, but claiming that the routinely ignored immigration laws have been working “for a long time” is completely disingenuous and an affront to the people they serve.

It is also another example of why Trump running on building a wall was so effective.


Tear gas, pepper spray fired at migrants as they attempt to storm the closed U.S. border

Who could’ve predicted? And now, the MSM gets CALLED OUT for its distortion about migrants at the border