House minority leader Nancy Pelosi says she stayed on (or at least is running again for Speaker of the House of Representatives) to “protect” Obamacare.

No, seriously. That’s the reason she gave, along with there needing to be a woman at the table.

Healthcare was the number one issue on voters’ minds, according to much of the exit poll data, in this past week’s election.

But, a continuation of Obamacare and the government compelling businesses and individuals to purchase health insurance that is unaffordable is the issue that got Democrats thrown out of the House (“shellacked,” as Obama called it) in 2010.

A study after that election found that at least 13 House Democrats lost their seats due to their vote and support of Obamacare.

In subsequent years, Democrats lost the Senate and the presidency.

The American people have been telling lawmakers in Washington for eight years to get rid of Obamacare, which Republicans failed to accomplish.

If it were, as Pelosi asserts, so popular, why are 20 state attorneys general still involved in lawsuits against the law?

It would be very shortsighted of Pelosi and House Democrats to believe that the reason Republicans lost the House (much more narrowly than Dems had hoped) was because people love Obamacare.

On the contrary, it is more likely that it was because Republicans failed to repeal the law.


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