Neil Patel, a friend of Fox News host Tucker Carlson, was a guest on CNN to talk about the situation that happened outside of Tucker’s house this past week.

Patel called it an act of terrorism and says it is unfair to call what happened at Tucker’s house a protest because they were talking about fighting and knowing where Tucker sleeps at night, threats intended to intimidate him, his wife and his children.

And Tucker is far from alone when it comes to this kind of harassment.

Of course, CNN’s Brian Stelter had to provide the “counter-argument” (how is there a counter-argument of threatening violence at someone’s home?) that perhaps some illegal immigrants at the border felt uncomfortable by some of Tucker’s comments.

But, the Left has been engaging in this type of behavior for years, and it isn’t protesting because there is nothing to protest about an American citizen simply doing his job.

Chasing someone out of a place of business is not a protest.

Threatening violence is not a protest.

Swarming a citizen’s home is not a protest.


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