To Sally Kohn, if you enjoy tax cuts and the deregulation that the Trump administration has implemented over the past couple of years, which have led to higher than expected GDP growth, you don’t love your fellow human beings.

You, as a voter, cannot have it both ways, apparently.

Either you like lower taxes and hate human beings, or love your fellow Americans and are yearning to pay a whole lot more to the federal government.

Her rationale is that Trump is inspiring violence, such as the shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday.

Accusing President Trump of inspiring violence is extremely reckless, and the Left continues to do that.

The problem for Democrats this election is the fact that people like having more money in their pockets, and Trump’s tax cuts have given many that opportunity.

The Left knows they cannot compete with the economic success that the nation is having, so they resort to dangerously attempting to tie President Trump to a deranged individual who opened fire at a Pittsburgh synagogue.