“White women, come get your people.”

That is the title of an op-ed published by the New York Times in the aftermath of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. The article’s author, Alexis Grenell, attacks Sen. Susan Collins and Republican women, calling them “gender traitors.”

Because they decided to not hold uncorroborated allegations against Kavanaugh in determining whether to vote to confirm him, conservative and Republican women are making “standing by the patriarchy a full-time job.”

“These women are gender traitors, to borrow a term from the dystopian TV series “The Handmaid’s Tale.” They’ve made standing by the patriarchy a full-time job. The women who support them show up at the Capitol wearing “Women for Kavanaugh” T-shirts, but also probably tell their daughters to put on less revealing clothes when they go out.”

It would be unbelievable, except it’s the New York Times. So it’s totally believable.

It is obvious that the Times editorial staff is not taking Kavanaugh’s confirmation well, but will Democrats allow these reactionary passions to govern their future strategy?

We all know the answer.

The next month is going to be an intense one for Democrats.

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