CNN has run the numbers, and of the 112 justices appointed to the Supreme Court, six of them have not been white men.

Brett Kavanaugh, who is a white male and would be number 108, is preparing to go through the Congressional hearing and confirmation process later this year.

As the CNN graphic shows, here is the 5.3 percent of Supreme Court justices who are not white men.

Since this has suddenly become newsworthy during the Trump administration, who did former President Obama nominate late in his tenure?

Activist Michael Skolnik also made note of this stat after Trump’s announcement on Monday night.

Charlie Kirk gives a historical reminder of George H.W. Bush appointee Clarence Thomas’ legendary confirmation process.

Had Amy Coney Barrett received the selection by President Trump, would we see a CNN headline that reads, “Barrett to become the seventh non-white man to serve on the Supreme Court”?