Today is Earth Day, so it’s a special opportunity for us to bring you 10 of the dumbest tweets about the observance, which (if you haven’t heard) is a big deal for the Left.

Number 10:

The U.N. is out there talking about microplastic particles in the ocean or something.

Number 9:

Newsweek makes the list because (A.) it’s Newsweek and (B.) they are trying to shame people into “reducing their carbon footprint.”

Number 8:

The Daily Beast calls the Trump administration the most “anti-Earth” of the last 60 years. What?

Number 7:

Chelsea Manning uses it as an opportunity to crusade against fracking.

Number 6:

What would the list be without a Bernie tweet? In theory, what he says here is not that repulsive. But from observing his record, we know what he means.

Number 5:

That brings us to Rep. Kennedy, who does not want us to ignore the threat of climate change that will be borne by generations to come.

Number 4:

The New York Times writes that climate change is a nonpartisan issue while making it a very partisan issue.

Number 3:

Scott Dworkin had to make the list with this over-the-top and unnecessary swipe at Trump.

Number 2:

Then there’s Elizabeth Warren, who somehow is making the case that the Paris Climate Agreement was something that was helping the United States.

Number 1:

But the dumbest Earth Day tweet comes from none other than the Democrats, who say that Earth Day is all about one thing … electing more Democrats.