This is what happens when you decide to use Leftist websites as sources for your stories. We’re looking at you, NBC.

Byron York delivered all of the details in a Washington Examiner piece.

As the story indicates, NBC ran with information it obtained from a subsidiary of the (very Left-leaning) Center for American Progress:

NBC relied on a study by something called the Moscow Project, which is part of the lefty think tank Center for American Progress. On Thursday, the Project claimed there were “at least 70 known contacts between Trump’s team and Russia-linked operatives during the campaign and transition,” and that “in 81 percent of these cases, the House Intel committee obtained either no or partial information from the relevant Trump representative.”

As York’s report goes on to detail, the House Intelligence Committee did have information on those who had contact with Russian-linked operatives. So that 81 percent figure was just bogus.

Before asking yourself how can something that wrong get published, just remember that it’s NBC. Enough said.

Without any shame, NBC just puts forward an allegation against Devin Nunes and the House Intelligence Committee that has no basis in reality.

Don’t hold your breath that NBC is going to spend much time (if any) correcting its egregious error. Not that it would repair the damage that has already been done.

The only redeeming aspect of this is that since it was on NBC, there is a chance no one was watching.