There is no need for the Leftist media to even give a pretense of not being in love with Marxist dictatorships after the latest lovefest with North Korea.

Ben Shapiro points out that it really is who they are (or who they aspire to be).

The lows that the media are capable of reaching continue to be limitless.

And here is just one take from Reuters.

And here’s POLITICO.

Not to be outdone, NBC joined in singing the hymns of the rogue dictatorship.

But that was not before ABC was dazzled by the cheerleaders of North Korea.

The world champion, though, was none other than … you guessed it … CNN, which decided to do a puff piece on Kim Jong Un’s sister.

We really shouldn’t be all that stunned about these headlines and stories. As Shapiro points out, it’s who they are.