Nearly 200 women are alleging that a culture of “rampant sexual misconduct” exists in and around the California state government in Sacramento.

The complaints are groping, threats and an ineffective human resources system:

Nearly 200 women have signed a letter denouncing a culture of rampant sexual misconduct in and around the state government here in Sacramento. They complain of male lawmakers groping them, of male staff members threatening them and of a human resources system so broken that it is unable to give serious grievances a fair hearing.

In dozens of interviews, women — including legislative aides and lobbyists who said they had endured years of sexual harassment — said the flawed system had left them with few options to stop behavior that threatened their livelihoods and careers.

How does Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” comment look from here?

And it seems to be a theme with the power brokers in the Golden State.

A very sad and corrupt situation.

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