Hillary Clinton has blamed just about everything for her electoral defeat last year, and she is returning to something she has attributed her loss to on many occasions. In an interview that aired on CNN Sunday, Clinton placed the brunt of her blame once again on now fired FBI director James Comey.

“I would have won but for Jim Comey’s letter on Oct. 28,” Clinton told CNN.

“I think every day that goes by, the evidence of that becomes clearer.”

We are almost one year removed from that letter being released, and she still cannot get over it.

During the interview, she went on to point specifically to women being impacted by the Comey letter and deciding not to vote for her.

She added: “And I don’t blame any woman who hears that, ‘Oh the FBI’s opening another investigation into Hillary Clinton’ for saying ‘Well, I’m not wasting my vote’ or ‘I can’t vote for her’ or ‘I’m just not going to vote now.’ “

Hillary damaged herself by her own actions. The Comey letter would have never even been thought of if not for the private email server. Plus, the letter did not prevent her from making additional visits to Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Plus, nobody liked her.

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