Politico ran the following piece on Sunday suggesting that it just might be possible that all of the protests and carnage that has accompanied them might only be causing supporters to become fatigued and disinterested.

“Democrats don’t know how long they’ll be able to keep up the pace of protests against President Donald Trump — and they’re worried Trump and his team are counting on them to run out of energy before the White House does.”

Translation:  The protests are not having the effect on voters that leftists had hoped they would, so they are reassessing their opposition strategy. Other sympathizers shared in the fretting.

Predicting that the steam would soon evaporate from the outrage movement was almost a sure bet. We are not even three weeks into this administration, and they have pulled out almost every stunt possible.

Another brilliant move by the Left. Having lost two houses of Congress, the presidency and (potentially) the Supreme Court with this kind of thinking, it should be amusing to see what they try next.