Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are both attending the same Baptist church in Las Vegas today.

Here are Rep. Lewis’ comments on Sanders:

“We must have a president that understands the racial divide — not someone who just acquired the knowledge recently, but someone who understands the racial divide and has lived it and worked through it down through the years.”

The preeminent voice on civil rights in Congress, downplayed Sanders’ involvement with the SNCC and the movement during the CBC PAC’s press conference Thursday.

“I never saw him, I never met him. I was chair of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee for three years — 1963 to 1966,” he said. “I was involved in the sit-ins, the freedom rides, the March on Washington, the march from Selma to Montgomery. I directed the board of education project for six years. I met Hillary Clinton. I met President Clinton.”


Glad we have that settled.

Sure looks that way. The latest poll on the Democratic race in Nevada showed Clinton and Sanders tied in the state.