NPR reporter Russell Lewis published that tweet, indicating that Jindal is ending his presidential campaign. He is referring to a Politico story in which a prediction is made that Jindal will be the next to withdraw.

Here’s the story:

Bobby Jindal and George Pataki are the next two quitters in the Republican field.

That’s the assessment of Republicans in the POLITICO Caucus, our weekly bipartisan survey of the top activists, operatives and strategists in Iowa and New Hampshire.

A quarter of Iowa Republicans say it’s Jindal, a frequent visitor to their state, who is on his way out.

Not exactly a “report” of his exit. To be fair, he did come back later and revise his statement.

Still, a lot of people were misled and disillusioned by the original tweet.

Jindal’s camp responded to the “rumors.”

So there’s that.