Thursday, Twitchy reported on Jesse Jackson calling Florida an ‘apartheid state’ on Nelson Mandela’s birthday. Now, he has released a statement about the Zimmerman trial.

Here is the entirety of Jackson’s message published on his Facebook page:

Trayvon Martin was a gentleman. He was kind to his friend Rachel Jeantel. This information has been lost in the case. We have Benjamin Crump who states that 1) Department of Justice has to answer whether people can be profiled by private citizens.
2) Stand your ground laws must be amended.
3) Trayvon’s parents have started Trayvon Martin Foundation. Please support and encourage people to join.

He went further, including calling upon President Obama to turn his personal feelings into policy.

But many are not fooled and know the drill well.

Don’t bother with the true facts of the case. They don’t want to hear anything that doesn’t fit their narrative.

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