Many Twitter users know that Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley has a unique style of tweeting to say the least.

In the tweet above, Sen. Grassley is referring to a Washington Post article written by Post reporters Ann Gerhart and Philip Rucker. Feeling the pressure to limit his characters to 140, Grassley simply calls the authors “AnnRucker.”

Don’t worry if you didn’t get it. Even veteran journalists have trouble understanding Grassley’s version of the English language:

As usual, there are no punctuation marks in Grassley’s tweet. Periods are for sissies!

The last part of Grassley’s tweet says, “Find out how if Mitt runs govt like household debt down.” We’re pretty sure this means  “If Mitt Romney runs the government like his household, our national debt will go down.”

Interpreting a Grassley tweet isn’t always so difficult. Look at his second tweet on the same subject:

It’s very similar to the first tweet, but this time he makes his point clearly in the last phrase: “We need a frugal person 4Pres budget wise.”

Previously, Sen. Grassley has tweeted to himself, tweeted that he eats at a vegetarian steakhouse or something, and he has gone after the History Channel time after time after time after time after time.

It can be frustrating to read a Sen. Grassley tweet and now know what it means, as Twitter user “Count Wolfgang” discovered:

This Twitter user doesn’t appreciate Sen. Grassley’s unique style at all:

And  this is just uncalled for:

Seriously, though, with the nation over $16 trillion in debt, frugality is a virtue desperately needed in places of leadership, particularly the White House: