Florida State Board of Trustees Chairman Andy Haggard took several shots at the Atlantic Coast Conference, which is the current home of his school’s athletic program. There has been a lot of speculation that Florida State may make a move to the Big 12. These comments could be an indicator of such a move.

From Warchant.com:

In an exclusive interview with Warchant.com, Florida State Board of Trustees Chairman Andy Haggardblasted the agreement that will net each ACC school approximately $17 million per year through 2026-27.

“It’s mind-boggling and shocking,” said Haggard. “How can the ACC give up third tier rights for football but keep them for basketball?”

Haggard is referring to the fact that the ACC surrendered all third tier television rights for football to ESPN/ABC but kept them for men’s basketball. That arrangement will likely result in substantial revenue for schools with a strong basketball following like North Carolina and Duke.On the other hand, it will do very little for schools with a more traditional football following like FSU, Clemson, Virginia Tech and Miami.