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Now that the Lincoln Project is selling pro-abortion swag, here are 10 tweets from Rick Wilson that expose him as a complete hack

It’s come to this. . .

The Lincoln Project is now selling pro-abortion swag:


They’re shameless, but even more so based on the pro-life views of their founder, Rick Wilson.

Just how do you go from this to selling pro-abortion merch?

Now he’s with the “abortion fanclub”:

And he had lots to say about why Donald Trump wasn’t pro-life enough:

How’d that work out for you?

So, would *you* ban partial-birth abortion, Rick?


And he called Trump a “lifelong donor to Democrats, supporter of abortion and degenerate”:

So, does the Lincoln Project hold this view?

He’ll be selling Planned Parenthood shirts next:

Wilson really was quite extreme in his pro-life views:


And NOTHING has changed, which is why Dems are going to get crushed in 2022;


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