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Hawaii high school teacher arrested for distribution of child pornography

Alden Bunag, a substitute high school teacher on Oahu, Hawaii, was arrested and charged on Wednesday for the distribution of child pornography:


And it’s worse than this headline implies. From the Star-Advertiser:

Initially, FBI agents in Philadelphia received a cybertip in July 2021 identifying a private K-12th grade school teacher in Philadelphia, known as AW, as having uploaded child pornography to his account.

The FBI then discovered Bunag on Oahu had exchanged with the Philadelphia teacher more than 3,392 messages, including hundreds of images and video files, the complaint alleges.

The Philadelphia teacher allegedly used a messaging application to send messages over his cellphone, discussing and trading child pornography.

Based on chats Bunag and the Philadelphia teacher had, Bunag claimed to have had sex with a 13-year-old boy at school during lunch breaks and that some of the empty files the FBI reviewed contain videos of Bunag and the boy having sex, the FBI agents believe.

Libs of TikTok highlighted the story, too:

But then an old tweet from April of this year surfaced where Bunag said, “You’re f*cking acting like we want to show kids porn or something, but something I’ve learned through the years is that whenever right-wingers accuse others of something, it’s DEFINITELY because they’re projecting”:


Is this grooming?

“This is the Spartacus of Defiant L’s”:

But wait, there’s more! The last tweet on his timeline is a retweet of NBC News’ Ben Collins calling out Libs of TikTok:



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