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Multiple Washington Post journos respond to new Sally Buzbee all-hands memo on this week's Twitter drama with near-identical tweets

Washington Post executive editor Sally Buzbee sent out a second all-hands email on Tuesday in response to the continued Twitter drama with reporters Felicia Sonmez and Dave Weigel.


From Oliver Darcy:

“New: @SallyBuzbee sends stern memo to WaPo staff, reiterating newsroom’s values against ‘racist or sexist behavior’ and saying that ‘we do not tolerate colleagues attacking colleagues either face to face or online.'”

And she reiterated that the Washington Post “will enforce our polices and standards,” whatever that means:

Sonmez called out management — again — earlier today:

Multiple Washington Post journos are now quote-tweeting Darcy’s post with weirdly similar messages containing the words “collegial” and “collaborative” which were used in Buzbee’s first email to staff:


And from others:

LOL. What’s really going on?

So, is it “like a script handed down by a cult leader?”

But wait, there’s more!


Or, is it actually journos dunking on Felicia Sonmez and supporting Buzbee:

Yep. It is “bizarre”:

Oh, it’s going to get worse, too:


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