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NYPD offers reward for tips leading to the arrest of the two men who beat an Asian man on a subway platform

Just to update you on this story from Sunday night, the NYPD is now offering a reward of up to $3500 for tips leading to the arrest of the two men caught on video beating an Asian man on a New York City subway platform last week.


From the NYPD Crime Stoppers:

WANTED for an Assault on the “A/C” train platform of the Fulton Street subway station. #Manhattan @NYPD1pct TD#2 on 5/27/22 @ 3:30 PM a 42-yo male victim was punched multiple times about the body by two unidentified males.  Reward up to $3500  Call 1-800-577-TIPS CONFIDENTIAL!”

ICYMI, here’s the video that went viral:

After the video, there were some reports — thanks to this account below — that the Asian man had sexually assaulted a female passenger on the train and the Black men were hold him until police arrived:


Um, but that doesn’t make what’s in the video legal:


The Daily Mail caught up with the man in the video who says he’s innocent:

According to the Daily Mail, the NYPD had no report of a sexual assault on the train:

Police have released photos of the alleged attackers and are asking the public’s help in locating them. Police have received no reports of an alleged sexual assault, police sources told DailyMail.com Tuesday night.



Maybe Joe Biden can discuss the viral video of the Asian man getting beaten in the NYC subway when he meets with the K-pop supergroup BTS next week?

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