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POPCORN: David Hogg offers to appear on Joe Rogan's show to talk about guns

Over the weekend, podcaster Joe Rogan was trending on Twitter for daring to oppose new gun control measures, saying “only criminals are gonna have [guns]”:


From the New York Post:

“It’s like, how do you stop that? No one knows how to stop that,” he said during an interview with scientist Lex Fridman Thursday on an episode of his Spotify podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

“What is the answer? Is the answer to take everyone’s guns? Well, they’re not gonna give their guns up. Only criminals are gonna have guns. It’s not gonna be a good situation.”

Rogan added that he doesn’t think it’s smart “to take all the guns away from people and give all the power to the government.”

Rogan’s statement caught the attention of anti-gun activist David Hogg, who challenged the Spotify host to put him on the podcast:

Hogg tweeted, “.@joerogan , I am happy to come on bring @ryandbusse with me and discuss this and find what we can agree on. We need more discussion and action- less debate and inaction”:


Ryan Busse is a former gun industry executive, author and a policy advisor to former Rep. Gabby Giffords:

Why, yes, we bet he’d like to go on Rogan’s podcast to ~ checks notes ~ sell his book:

Hogg added that he’s a frequent listener to Rogan’s podcast, but not directly. Or something:



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