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Hero off-duty Border Patrol agent who armed himself with a barber's shotgun just dropped a bomb on the Uvalde Police Department

Jacob Albarado, the hero off-duty Border Patrol agent who armed himself with his barber’s shotgun after he got a text from his wife, a teacher at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, just dropped a major bomb on the police response to the mass shooting during an interview this morning on NBC’s “Today” show:


Albarado told NBC’s Savannah Guthrie that he saw Uvalde Police Department officers will all of their gear on while he was searching for his wife and second-grade daughter at the school. From CNN’s Simon Prokupecz:

“Even more questions after this [morning’s] interview on the Today show with the CBP agent who was off duty and went to rescue his daughter and wife at Robb Elementary. He said he was near the door where [the] gunman was while searching for his daughter. Saw officers with their ‘gear’ on.”


“Here’s the full quote: ‘I was there at the door fixing to go in, but once again, I didn’t have any of my gear. It wouldn’t be it wouldn’t have been a smart move for me. All those guys had their gear and stuff.'”


This appears to be early on because he is still searching for his daughter and before the CBP tactical teams arrived.

Here’s the full clip:

Oh, in in what’s sure-to-be buzzkill for many Dems, Abarado also called for teacher to be trained and armed to help defend schools:




Who WRITES this crap?!’ WaPo BREAKING big story about maker of rifle used in Uvalde donating to Republicans *GASP* does NOT go well

David Frum explains why it’s the wrong response to condemn the police at Uvalde as cowardly

Sen. John Cornyn says now is not the time for finger-pointing, and we can sort out Uvalde later

Jonathan Turley SHREDS blue-check prof asking if Uvalde children died because police didn’t give a damn about a ‘predominately brown’ school

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