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Apparently, the Washington Post's Karen Tumulty isn't familiar with the concept of an 'emergency exit'

This clip of Sen. Ted Cruz rightfully pointing out that things like a single point of entry and locked doors at schools can make them safer is causing a major meltdown in the liberal Twittersphere right now:


Now, we expect tweets like this from Molly Jong-Fast, but is it too much to ask that, say, someone like Washington Post editor and columnist Karen Tumulty not play this dopey game?

Tumulty tweeted after seeing the clip, “Wouldn’t building schools with only one door create other problems? Like making it harder for kids to get out if, say, there is a fire?”:

She can’t be serious:

We’re literally at a point where journos don’t understand doors?

Emergency exits — how do they work?

We expect, if she looks, she’ll find lots of doors that work this way in her own life and she’s fine with them!


It also shows just how ignorant she is about this very important issue of school safety:

For many Americans, the idea that a school does not have these precautions is baffling:

It’s also new construction vs. legacy buildings:

Tumulty added in her thread, that she’s “[j]ust trying to think this through…”:


Well, think harder because all of these things are accounted for in modern school design:

But instead of these common-sense guidelines for school, sure, just take all the guns instead. That will surely work!



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