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'He was still able to enter the school': Here's the latest on what we know about the Uvalde school shooting

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott just said at a briefing that the Uvlade school gunman posted to Facebook three times before the shooting at the school and he may have a juvenile record:

The third post, where the gunman said he was going to target an elementary school, happened “just 15 minutes before the shooting”:

Gov. Abbott also said there was “no meaningful forewarning of this crime”:

There was no meaningful forewarning of this crime other than what I’m about to tell you. As of this time, the only information that was known in advance was posted by the gunman on Facebook approximately 30 minutes before reaching the school. The first post was to the point of he said, “I’m going to shoot my grandmother.” The second post was, “I shot my grandmother.” The third post, maybe less than 15 minutes before arriving at the school, was. “I’m going to shoot an elementary school.”


Gov. Abbott also said there was no history of mental health issues, but. . .

. . .he did cite mental health issues:

As we told you earlier, the Washington Post reported that there were multiple red flags about Ramos that should have triggered intervention from the school or authorities, such as cutting his own face and saying he did it for fun:

And we still don’t know how Ramos was able to enter the school. The latest reporting says he somehow got past the school resource officer:

Then, according to this report, Ramos was “contained” in the classroom:

This would be the same classroom where he murdered the children:



Utterly deranged thread suggests that Uvalde student’s death is karmic justice for her grieving father’s apparent support for gun rights

Sen. Chris Murphy says more guns won’t make schools safer (and people have thoughts)


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